Vertical Garden



  • What is a Vertical Garden?

    A vertical garden is a garden that is grown vertically, rather than a traditional garden, which is grown horizontally on in-ground. Vertical gardens are grown in homes, backyards and cities, where ground space is limited. They are often grown right on the walls, on the outside of the buildings; however some are grown indoors.

  • Why plant a Vertical Garden?

    If your house or backyard is lacking ground space, but want a home garden, a vertical garden may be a great solution. You can use your walls, or racks, to build a garden vertically, instead of the old fashioned in-ground garden outdoors.  Another unexpected benefit of a vertical garden, is that it will turn any space, whether it’s your house walls or a room into something that will be a delight to everyone’s eyes. It can transform old walls into a spectacular nature’s exhibit. The garden is also like a filter for your house. Certain plants do a great job of filtering and improving the air quality around them. Which is a great feature because a lot of homes have little to no air circulation and windows and doors are usually shut.  And if you are growing vegetables, it will provide you with a never ending supply of food, that’s always fresh and on demand.

    Vertical gardens can be used as a centerpiece for your living space, as a part of modern design or as a food supply. Vertical gardens are the future of design, as they connect nature with our homes, giving a smooth and relaxing transition between indoor and outdoor life. Whichever way you put your vertical garden to use, is up to you, but one thing is for sure, vertical gardens are here to stay.

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