Tissue Culture Plants



We are affianced in presenting to the industry a top class range of Tissue Cultured Plant. We offer these at market leading rates.Our Tissue Culture industry is based on supply of quality plants.We have 80 different varieties in production. Also having 40 different varieties of ornament plants under R&D.
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  • Longer life
  • Various sizes
  • Fine quality
  • Affordable rates

Tissue culture uses a small piece of tissue from a mother plant to
grow many new copies of the original plant. What is the term used
to refer to this small piece of tissue?

What is plant tissue culture?
Plant tissue culture is a technique of growing plant cells, tissues, organs, seeds or other plant parts in a sterile environment on a nutrient medium.

different varieties in production.


The production of clones of plants that produce particularly good flowers, fruits, or have other desirable traits.To quickly produce mature plants.The production of multiples of plants in the absence of seeds or necessary pollinators to produce seeds.The regeneration of whole plants from plant cells that have been genetically modified.The production of plants in sterile containers reduces disease transmission Allows production of plants from seeds that otherwise have very low chances of germinating and growing, i.e.: orchids and Nepenthes.To clean particular plants of viral and other infections and to quickly multiply these plants as ‘cleaned stock’ for horticulture and agriculture.