We are specialized in install Vertical Garden indoor or outdoor. We have many innovative ideas for corporate reception areas, hotels, IT parks, residential, resorts and hospitals to create a wow factor and long lasting impact on customers, visitors and employees.


GREEN WALL are not only spectacularly beautiful, but they also help enliven a space, humidify the air, and process toxins. We loved this simple and modular living wall by SAN GREENS a design duo from PUNE. The design we saw at this year’s consists of a lovely felted plant wall with a self-automated watering system and a sturdy base. Inserting more plants into a room through Planting, potted plants, or a living wall provides a healthier indoor air quality, as well as a more beautiful space.IMG20181026163459


SBF Bio Wall Planter Module is a contemporary urban garden structure solution to reduce the mounting pressure on shrinking land spaces for Greenery. It is a latest Bio Wall Planter Module system, the best in its class & kind and makes the Vertical Bio Wall Gardens expandable Vertically as well as Horizontally there by avoids being restricted for want open land spaces.

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Vertical gardening aims to advance the productivity levels of urban and sub-urban agricultural production sites where most often available space is the biggest agricultural limitation. Plenty of different design solutions are available. The design of vertical garden (sometimes also called green walls) depends on the available material, space and local preferences as well as on the creativity and imagination of the users.


  • Stand Alone Vertical Green Wall is a cost saving alternative to fences and screen walls.The Vertical Garden Freestanding Green Wall System brings life to your surroundings. It’s just waiting for a gardener’s touch. Whether you decide to place this beautiful screen indoors or outdoors, you’re sure to love it. It supports twenty natural terracotta pots, charcoal pots or white pots. Also available in a choice of charcoal or white frames with matching river stones.


We have come to you on Net Net, beautiful Green Wall at a low cost.Vertical Gardening Wall Hanging Pot, Also known, as Vertical Hook Pot, has been Designed to Create economical Vertical Gardens at an Affordable Cost. The Dimensions of the Pot are as Under : Length : 129 mm Width : 97 mm Height : 129 mm This Vertical Pots are used on Wire Mesh to Create a Modular Vertical Garden. This is a Cost Effective and easy way to create greenery at your residence or for any of the Projects.  We Provide a Warranty of 2 Years for Black and Terracotta colors against any Damages and for 3 Years for any other Colors. This Pots are UV Stabilized and ideal for Usage in Indoors as well as in Outdoors. You will need around 350 – 400 Pots Per 100 Sq.ft.

Did you know vertical gardens and living walls are one of the fastest growing home trends?


With the average person spending more than 90% of their time indoors and more than half the world living in cities it’s no wonder these gardens are on the up! Vertical gardens:

  • use much less space
  • purify the air
  • grow indoors or out, any time of year
  • help insulate buildings
  • increase a property’s value
  • improve health and wellbeing
  • provide organic food!

There are many different types of vertical garden systems to suit every home – even inner city apartments. In fact, they are especially suitable for homes with limited space.

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