What is Vertical Gardening?

What is Vertical Gardening?

An innovative and highly productive growing system, vertical gardening is exactly what the name implies – gardening on a vertical, rather than a horizontal, surface. Traditional gardeners have done similar things with climbing plants like squashes and beans for centuries by building trellises. Vertical gardening takes it one step further by giving non-climbing plants a space on the wall.

Stylish, Simple Solutions

If you’re looking to start out with a simple spot of greenery on your wall, this manageable planter from sangreens features a modular system made out of recycled plastic that will make planting easy-to-care-for plants like succulents a breeze. The rustic frame is also made out of reclaimed wood, and once you have the hang of one frame, you can add on others for an even more dramatic look.


Vertical Garden Wall Inside HOME

For a truly impactful living wall that is much easier to maintain than it looks, give SAN GREENS a try. Using a self watering modular system made from 100% PP pots, these versatile planters can be daisy-chained to create flourishing Ornamental displays that can be as large or as small as you desire.


We’re experts in creating healthier and more productive work spaces Nothing transforms office spaces quite like plants.

Enriching your workplace with luscious plant life doesn’t just invigorate the space aesthetically; study after study has shown that being in the presence of plants reduces your stress levels, boosts your mood and improves productivity by up to 15%.

Vertical Garden Services in Pune

WE PROVIDE VARIOUS SERVICES OF LANDSCAPING like CONCEPT DESIGN , GARDENING , GREEN WALLS , all types of gardening maintenance etc.We have provided the Service, No matter who has done the work.Upkeep is important for the life of the Green Wall and we take good care of it.


SBF Bio Wall Planter Module is a contemporary urban garden structure solution to reduce the mounting pressure on shrinking land spaces for Greenery. It is a latest Bio Wall Planter Module system, the best in its class & kind and makes the Vertical Bio Wall Gardens expandable Vertically as well as Horizontally there by avoids being restricted for want open land spaces.


Bio wall is an enhanced vertical garden system that is modular and scale able with every 3 pots – vertically, is an economical vertical garden; which is easy to maintain and enhances aesthetics.

SG model vertical garden pots only, black color. pots with two hooks for wall hanging using wire mess or windows or SG model vertical panels, etc Can also hang on wired mess or stands, easy to hang and use for indoors and outdoor uses.


STAND GREEN SCREEN, combines industrial sculpture with living plants to create a space-efficient indoor garden. Inspired by basophilic design, it aims to boost health, wellbeing and happiness in living and working spaces. The contemporary and environmentally conscious GREEN WALL,


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Plant walls and living dividers offer a modern and unique alternative to to traditional screens. Use them to add interest to an existing wall or use to divide space within the workplace.

Live pictures are a new and exciting alternative to traditional wall art. Now you can bring some greenery indoors without compromising your valuable floor space. Available in a range of colours and sizes we can help you find the right look for your business. All live pictures and living dividers have an inbuilt irrigation system so there is no risk of water spillage.