Vertical Gardening Wall Hanging Pot, Also known, as Vertical Hook Pot, has been Designed to Create economical Vertical Gardens at an Affordable Cost. The Dimensions of the Pot are as Under : Length : 129 mm Width : 97 mm Height : 129 mm This Vertical Pots are used on Wire Mesh to Create a Modular Vertical Garden. This is a Cost Effective and easy way to create greenery at your residence or for any of the Projects.  We Provide a Warranty of 2 Years for Black and Teracotta colours against any Damages and for 3 Years for any other Colours. This Pots are UV Stabilized and ideal for Usage in Indoors as well as in Outdoors. You will need around 350 – 400 Pots Per 100 Sq.ft.

This Pots can be used to Hold weight of up to 1.5 Kg and you can use Cocopeat / Peat moss as a growing medium in this Pots. Further, This pots, are ideal for Seasonals, Indoor Plants like money Plants, Syngoniums, and Other Ground Covers in this.