Maintenance and Care

  • Maintenance and Care Trained San Greens technicians are available to care for your live plants every week. Let us take care of: Proper watering Pruning and trimming Cleaning, dusting and shining Fertilizing Natural insecticide Disease control and prevention Quality assurance Professional expertise Our plants come with a full guarantee. If a problem comes up with one of your plants or containers, it will be replaced in a professional and timely manner at no additional cost to you.
  • We are passionate about providing world-class service experiences. You can reach our dedicated team of customer service enthusiasts at or – 901-101-5000.

    Our reputation rests equally on our creative design approach, as well as our technical expertise and attention to detail to turn your visions into reality. We pride ourselves on delivering a proactive service designed to ensure we meet your needs consistently. We monitor our service performance continuously to make sure customers consistently judge us to be the benchmark within the industry. You are at the center of everything we do and we look forward to helping you.

    At San Greens we believe that it’s our people that make our company what it is – and we have a great team built on a shared vision, mission, and values.

    Our values

    Service: We are passionate about delivering excellent service to every customer.

    Relationships: We value productive, long lasting relationships with our colleagues and customers.

    Teamwork: We work together to deliver great results.

    We are passionate about our colleagues and customers. They are at the center of everything we do. We live by four actions that express how we feel about our relationships …inspire, connect, engage and grow.

    SANGREENS service promise

    With my colleagues and customers I promise to:

    Inspire their imaginations

    Connect with a smile

    Engage them emotionally

    Grow their knowledge.



    1. Make sure your plants are happy and getting the right amount of sunshine and water.
    2. From time to time pluck away dead leaves and flowers to encourage new growth on your plants.
    3. You can use scissors or pruning shears to trim away unwanted stems and branches.
    4. The cuttings of some plants, like succulents can be replanted in gaps between the other plants
    5. You can use scissors or pruning shears to trim away unwanted stems and branches.
    6. Mist your plants from time to time and brush away any dust that collect on the leaves.
    7. We understand that plants could potentially attract some unwanted pests.  Consult the Education Page titled Bugs on the Edible Walls website for more information.
    9. Over time, feel free to add plants and experiment with your garden

    – Observe the plants
    – Notice if plants look wilted or if they have faded leaves, rotting bases or browned leaves
    – Also notice if they have new buds or have made new roots
    – Add plant food to the water reservoir (if applicable) or to the water used when hand watering
    – Notice plant health and adjust water timing if necessary
    – Remove dead leaves
    – Remove dead plants and replace
    Every 3 Months:
    – Change the filter in your outdoor irrigation system if applicable.
    – Visually check drip lines to ensure proper functioning.
    Every Year:
    – Change out the drip lines
    – Consider repotting your plants if they have outgrown their space in the planters.

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