Artficial House Simple Design

A touch of nature brings life to any home, and offers a sense of relaxation. Unfortunately, not many of us have the time or patience to care for plants, and that’s where artificial greenery comes in handy. 


Artificial Vertical Garden 81

Imported and expertly produced using high quality silk and polyester, the permanent or artificial vertical garden perfectly reproduces the look of natural plants in colors and textures. No maintenance or irrigation is required, and its service life is extremely long.


Created from natural plants that have undergone a treatment process to preserve their natural appearance and flexibility, the preserved plant vertical garden stands out as being made from natural plants, but with the low maintenance needs and high durability of artificial plants.

Vertical Gardening in a Bottle!

Vertical Gardening in a Bottle!

Open spaces are every gardener’s dream. The limitless area to grow trees and plants is indeed exciting. But, enter the city and there’s not an inch to spare. Plants takes a back seat as steel and concrete reign supreme. Then, in order to bring back the greenery in the city, there came the garden pot. Though still popular, it has one drawback. The area available for sowing seeds is lesser than the total area of the pot. The area on its sides is going unused.


We’re experts in creating healthier and more productive work spaces Nothing transforms office spaces quite like plants.

Enriching your workplace with luscious plant life doesn’t just invigorate the space aesthetically; study after study has shown that being in the presence of plants reduces your stress levels, boosts your mood and improves productivity by up to 15%.

Vertical Garden Services in Pune

WE PROVIDE VARIOUS SERVICES OF LANDSCAPING like CONCEPT DESIGN , GARDENING , GREEN WALLS , all types of gardening maintenance etc.We have provided the Service, No matter who has done the work.Upkeep is important for the life of the Green Wall and we take good care of it.

Why Hiring a Landscape Company is a Good Idea.

Why Hiring a Landscape Company is a Good Idea. When you hire a landscape company, you’re paying for their knowledge and hard work. There are lots of ‘landscapers’ out there, but it takes a good education, experience, and great interest to become a professional who has a great skill set to take care of a garden properly. It takes a lot of work, thought, and planning to maintain a great looking garden. Hiring a professional landscape company can make a really big difference in the look of your landscape.