SG Art Green Wall PDF 2018      we are a team of artificial vertical garden design specialists who are passionate about improving the look and functionality of Australian homes. We provide our services because we enjoy delivering a great artificial green wall that you will love.

We love designing every detail of an artificial plant wall and want our customers to be genuinely pleased with the results. We know that people are looking for an artificial wall garden that is a realistic substitute for the real thing.

We love the feeling of knowing that our products have made a difference to people’s homes. We know that our fake foliage displays have a profound effect on the visual appeal and atmosphere of people’s homes. Our fake foliage displays are designed to allow people to take pride in any area of their home they think needs a quick improvement. We believe that this should be affordable to install and easy for our customers to maintain for many years to come.



We encourage people to think creatively about how they can improve their homes with one of our fake foliage displays. With our products coming in a range of different and affordable packages there’s an option for everyone. We also do what we do because of the positive environmental impact our products can have. With a fake foliage display our customers can reduce their overall water usage since they won’t need to do any watering. We are eager to hear from anyone who wants to learn more about our displays. We are confident that you will be impressed by our designs and quickly discover a creative way they can be used in your home.