• Requires Sunny Areas
  • Open Walls or Vertical Space
  • Moisture Resistant Walls
  • Strong Vertical Support

As mentioned in the above phrases, Vertical Gardening is one of the most lenient and that being said, vertical gardening is one of the most forgiving and lithe gardening systems, if gardening is your desire or hobby you can start vertical gardening right way from vertical containers or pots.

From san greens, below we list some of the major tips for Vertical Gardening:

If you are already harvesting gardening at home or commercial space, then Vertical Gardening shall not be a problem or major task.

  • Ensure the support system shall be strength enough to handle wind and moisture.
  • Select sunny areas.
  • Use rust resistant accessories like clamps and bolts.
  • Make sure the height shall not exceed too high than the reach.
  • Timely watering and grooming not to ignore.

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