Artificial Green Climbers ,Our Artificial Plant Climbers and creepers can be structured in design with clearly defined patterns, naturalized with swathes of lush foliage, or be mixed foliage with no clear patterning or defined plant species Each one is unique in design as they are custom made for you.  This means we can manufacture any size or shape required.



INTRODUCING NEW…..Create you own sangreens using moss and wood!! create an unique piece for your home, office or any other place that needs a green touch. The natural preserved moss does not require any maintenance and gives a breath of fresh air to any urban space! No need for watering, the moss wall uses the room humidity to stay green and fresh (in case the humidity is less then 40% you can water spray from time to time to stay soft). The product is made with love in our beautiful and warming atelier in Bucharest.

Artificial lawn green wall

Artificial Green Walls ,Our Artificial Plant Walls can be structured in design with clearly defined patterns, naturalised with swathes of lush foliage, or be mixed foliages with no clear patterning or defined plant species 

Each one is unique in design as they are custom made for you.  This means we can manufacture any size or shape required.


Vertical Gardens geo felt

It is very important for the vertical garden to be interactive so that it can be modified as needed. Like any garden, there are unpredictable changes in climate, mishaps with watering systems, or plant disease.

The slit-and-staple method, which was used several years ago for the vertical garden at the Drew School in San Francisco, often show large planted areas that did not take. It is very difficult to add new plants to fill in these spaces.

But our SANGREENSfelt pleated-pocket design makes it very easy for any gardener to remove the problem plants and tuck healthy starts into the existing pockets. It also allows caretakers to replace the dead foliage with plants that are thriving in the same vertical garden. Starting with a bio-diverse selection allows you to try many plants and minimize the failures. You simply add more of what works.

A sustainable solution to vertical gardening is one that uses the skills of an existing landscape service or even maintenance crews on staff. This keeps long-term maintenance affordable and easy.


It’s a Whole New Garden

It’s easy to grow a vertical garden with SANGREENS felt Pocket Panel living wall system. Our hand-made planters are designed to use the micro fibers in PET felt so that all the plants are watered equally. The felt is made from recycled non woven Geo fabric, a non-toxic fiber that is indestructible and tough. This amazing material provides a safe growing medium that is pH neutral and non-reactive, so you can garden organically right on your wall. It’s even safe for vegetables and herbs! Roots grow right into the felt, which comes alive thanks to the microbiology in the soil.

green walls


What is vertical garden?

Our vertical garden  system is proposed as landscape gardening to furnish indoor and outdoor spaces with moderately thick structures in which plants can develop their roots. The structure features a scheduled fertilization system.


What are the benefits of vertical gardens?

Vertical gardening has many benefits: besides being a great idea that makes the most of space in small areas, it offers a large variety of plants, spanning flowers, herbs and edibles, and ensures easy maintenance. It enhances the beauty of the location and promotes health by filtering the air and reducing pollution, as well as giving relief from mental stress.


We designed GEOfelt Vertical Garden Planters to hang on walls, fences or other supports. They can be framed for a stylish look and trimmed to any size. Innovative designers and architects have used our system in a variety of unconventional but startlingly beautiful ways, even sloping surfaces that create a thrilling illusion of a river flowing with plants and flowers.

Office Plant Design and Maintenance

We start with a complimentary walk through, and we’ll come up with some ideas for a cool office plant design based on your lighting, airflow, humidity levels, and space requirements. It’s called a consultation for a reason: We’ll listen carefully to your ideas and needs, and ultimately design a plan for plants that fits your office and can increase your IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) without costing a fortune. Our philosophy is to accent and compliment areas, not necessarily turn the office into a rain forest!

Included in all office plant maintenance programs:

  • Watering
  • Pruning
  • Dusting
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Free Replacement Plants

We maintain close relationships with our nurseries in Pune and visit regularly to insure we receive the highest quality foliage plants for our customers. In addition, we keep up to date on the latest interior design styles, new species of plants for use indoors, and new and innovative container choices.